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All about Internal Communication

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The millennial in me

Yes, it’s definitely true. I’m one of them; those terrible Millennials, AKA Gen Y... With that stated I would love to polish up the image that pops up in your head when I say Millennials. But before I do, let’s dive in some stats...

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The Death of Email: Why Internal Mail is out and ESNs are taking over

First thing you do when you get to work and open your laptop is check your email, right? It is hard to imagine an office or organization without email. But some argue that the ...

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Essential Tips for Hiring Successful Seasonal Workers

Tis the season to begin planning for the holidays. Human resource teams often face significant hurdles when it comes to hiring and engaging seasonal workers, though they make up ...

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How To Maximize Seasonal Workers' Productivity

Hands up if you’ve ever felt surprised by getting to the end of Summer and realizing that Christmas is only three months away? No, not just me? Isn’t it funny how year in and year ...


Employee Engagement: It’s More Than Free Food

Recently, some companies have started to see the benefits and importance of employee engagement – from a knowledge management standpoint and in terms of cost-savings, increased ...

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Ensuring your Team Never Misses a Key Update

If you have a really important message that you need to get into the hands and minds of your entire workforce as quickly as possible, it turns out that you might be just as well ...

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How To Introduce An Employee App in a More Traditional Company

"The internal communications were not where we wanted them to be. It was very difficult to get key messages down to the front line employees who are the most important people." ...

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6 Ways Employee Polls and Surveys can Transform your Business

What's the average age of your workforce? Any idea? If you're in a frontline industry, like retail or hospitality, for example, chances are it's pretty young.

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Company Culture In The Gig Economy: Connecting Temporary Employees

The workplace is changing. The days of workforces comprising of mostly permanent, long-serving "company men and women" are long gone, and the makeup of the employee base will ...

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