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Locking Updates and News articles

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Yesss! Finally you can stop that continuous flow of likes and reactions on your updates and news articles. From today, this update is available.

Locking updates and news articles

Thanks to the new functionality you can lock updates and news articles. This makes sure your colleagues can't like the update anymore and add content to it. It's a useful option if for example an update is not relevant anymore.  You find this option in the right upper corner of the update. 

Within the Speakap environment you'll notice a confirmation popping up at the right upper corner.

Lock icon
Within your timeline you'll recognize updates by a lock icon in the left upper corner of the involved update.

Do you want to unlock the update? No problem. Within the same popup menu, you will find the unlock option right after the update has been locked.

And yes, also in this case you'll receive an automatic confirmation in the right upper corner of your Speakap environment.


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What is Speakap?

Speakap is the developer of a social platform for internal communication. It offers employees the same experience as their personal social media. The platform ensures more engagement, internal knowledge sharing and consumption of company news. Organizations can brand the platform, by ordering a white-label version.

Speakap provides an integrated solution, that brings together information, knowledge sharing, files and employees. The addition of third-party apps like Sharepoint, Afas, Leaplines, Softbrick, SRXP and Dotweb creates a social environment in which employees can also use solutions such as ERP, expense reporting, e-learning and scheduling tools.

In short time, Speakap has welcomed wonderful customers such as Rituals, Media Markt, Selfridges, Bosch, Kinepolis and Schiphol Airport Retail.  Speakap is the winner of the ABN Amro Award 'Best Retail Innovation 2017'.

Katy is shaping the new voice of Speakap. When she's not writing for work, she's writing for fun. When she's not writing, then she's probably out looking for the best taco in the city.

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