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Introducing custom favicons and a new group admin

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Speakap just enabled the use of custom favicons. In this blog, we elaborate on te value of (custom) favicons for Speakap customers. And we shortly draw attention to our new group admin.

Senior online professionals realize that small things are setting organizations apart from their competitors. What could easily be overlooked when it comes to the design of a social platform, is providing favicons. We haven’t, especially as our customers also showed interest in creating customized favicons. So, from now on, our platform members are enabled to do so. Here an impression of what could be:

custom favicon speakap

A favicon (short for 'favorite icon') is associated with a website or webpage intended to be used when you bookmark a web page. Web browsers use them in the URL bar, on tabs, and elsewhere to help identify a website visually.

Other locations where you could notice favicons, include:

  • the left side of the address bar for active web pages
  • the drop-down list of predicted URLs
  • the opened tabs of your web browser

Why do our customers appreciate the presence of favicons? 3 reasons:

1. Simplicity

Our brain is able to process images much quicker and easier than texts. So, when users quickly want to find a page, they are triggered by the guidance of a favicon.

2. Credibility

A favicon provides additional credibility to created pages within a Speakap network. After all, one of the reasons why favicons were once designed for business sites, is to reinforce the image of a credible company. There’s a slightly higher chance visitors otherwise would leave the site before they are even able to appreciate what kind of information the website is presenting.

3. Brand awareness

We all are aware of the significance of logos. It enables us to visually relate to an organization. What would McDonald’s be without the golden arches? Whether they refer to a company or a new product, group or project, favicons can act like miniature logos. Within Speakap, they help the users to stay aware of the brand(s) of the employer and/or to quickly recognize certain group initiatives.

Custom favicon

Something is of course better than nothing, so customized is better than default. Custom icons implicitly tell users that you are ready to make additional efforts to meet their needs. So, custom favicon reinforces the user’s trust.

Group admin

We were redesigning the modals in Speakap and one part of this project was creating a new group admin modal. Tom Kleijn, Speakap's project manager: "As we've had some spare time here and there in the past couple of sprints, we managed to completely revamp the group admin."

Here an impression of the new group admin:

group admin modal Speakap

Bas was Speakap's first marketing manager. He enjoyed gaining a lot of scientific insights about the value and impact of internal communications.

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