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5 ways to motivate and retain young engineers

August 18, 2017 - 2 minute read

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How do you motivate young engineers in the manufacturing industry? And how do you make sure they stay at the company? A university researcher has asked this to managers who are directly supervising millennial staff at a engineering workplace.

Based on their comments, the researcher concluded that:

5 ways to motivate and retain young engineers:

  1. Young engineers are motivated by the attention that managers are giving to them
  2. Young engineers are motivated by the feedback that managers are giving to them
  3. Young engineers tend to stay when their work area is more personalized
  4. Young engineers tend to stay when the work atmosphere is pleasant
  5. Young engineers tend to stay when they can adjust working schedules


Speakap provides an internal social platform that empowers managers and supervisors to fulfill all these goals. It enables managers, despite lack of time, to give personal attention to their team members, to empower their team members, to do team building and to involve them in the company's strategy and activities. Thanks to our desktop and mobile platform, a manager can remotely: Answer individual questions and give personal feedback to employees (through a chat conversation or a timeline conversation).

  • Provide a stage to employees where they quickly can share ideas and knowledge or make notice of problems. On a company-wide level, or a department or team level
  • Provide a place where employees can not only quickly interact, but also are able to use software solutions such as scheduling and e-learning apps
  • Share company news messages and other relevant company information. If a company wants, it can send news and information to all employees at the same time, or to one department, team or individual. And it can quickly check if everybody has read the post, and who didn't.
  • Celebrate company achievements such as the launch of a new a product and office. Or personal events, such as birthdays, births or marriages (by posting a kind message with a picture or a video). The great thing about a social timeline is that everybody gets involved and can like or reply to a message.
  • Schedule or suggest dates for team (building) events
  • Communicate within a branded environment, as we offer the possibility to customize the platform and integrate the company's look and feel
  • Share important documents with a individual, team, department or the whole organization.
Bas van Essen

Bas van Essen

Bas was Speakap's first marketing manager. He enjoyed gaining a lot of scientific insights about the value and impact of internal communications.