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Why You Need an Internal Communications Video Strategy

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According to figures from our recent research study, millennials and Generation Z now make up more than two-thirds of the average non-desk workforce. HR managers in retail, hospitality, entertainment, leisure and construction, state that millennials comprise 48% of the average workforce with the fast-increasing proportion of Generation Zers currently lying at 20%.

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Interestingly—and perhaps of major concern for frontline organizations—HR managers also consider employees from these two generations to be the hardest to reach and engage within the modern company.

This perhaps explains why, on the whole, employee engagement levels continue to fall in a large number of industries, with non-desk verticals top of that list.

Our recent research study, Technology’s Role in Managing & Retaining Employees, revealed that, when asked what they look for in a great internal communications strategy, employees today want comms to be real-time, they have to be mobile, and they’re looking for a similar experience to the social media platforms they use every day in their private lives. 

Video Can Help Close The Engagement Gap

That demand is leading ever more organizations to deploy an enterprise social network (ESN) within their organization. ESNs are capable of delivering a more dynamic, intuitive and user-friendly experience than traditional, static intranet options.

And if companies want to reach high levels of views and engagement on their ESN, they should look to what achieves those results on consumer social media channels too. A glance at your timeline will reveal that even the more traditional social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are jam-packed with video, while Instagram Stories, Instagram TV, Snapchat, TikTok and Lasso are almost solely video.

A look at our own Speakap usage data—reflecting the usage of our customers including Rituals, McDonald’s, Ikea and G-Star—supports that, showing that interactive content (GIFs, videos) get higher numbers of likes and comments than text or image only updates.

3 Easy Ways to Build Video Into Your Internal Comms Strategy

  1. The rise in popularity of Instagram TV, TikTok and even YouTube show that young people today are more interested in the real-time and authentic than highly-polished, corporate videos which, in fact, they’re cynical of. Instead of the next corporate town hall or executive blog post, why not have your CEO post a more honest, direct-to-phone-camera video explaining the latest figures, the new acquisition or to launch a transformation program? Then watch how attitudes towards your c-suite change for the better almost instantly.
  2. The managing director of Rituals UK, Penny Grivea, likes to create short, personal videos thanking high-performing stores or individuals and then sends them directly using the company’s own branded Speakap platform. Just think how that quick moment of recognition makes employees feel.
  3. Your training materials—whether about health and safety, or new services and products—should be in a video format. Videos create more engaged experiences which, in turn, create improved learning. Video also represents a cost-effective way of demonstrating a product or process at scale.
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Matt is an experienced journalist-turned-content marketer who writes about all things tech, SAAS and B2B.

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