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[VIDEO] How To Offer Exceptional Retail Experiences To Both Customers And Employees

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How does a brand communicate clearly and instantly when it has more than 8,000 employees around the world, with more than 1,500 locations in 27 countries, and a catalog of more than 550 products that change according to the needs of customers.

"Say what?!"

And how can you also offer your employees the opportunity to celebrate personal milestones, professional achievements, and at the same time encourage the exchange of advice and successful practices between stores?

Yep, we're serious...

This video, from our internationally renowned client Rituals, shows how they use Speakap to equip their employees with relevant and necessary product information, and how employees use Speakap to improve the service they offer to their customers.

 The power of Rituals

Rituals was founded in 2000 with the aim of offering something more to its customers besides cosmetic products: a unique experience, in which all of the senses are taken care of.

"We are not here to sell beauty, but to make you feel good"

With the rapid expansion of e-commerce, success in the sector of retail is dependent on the total customer experience. At Rituals, they do not see a customer's purchase as simply a transaction; the objective is to offer a lasting memory for each client. To achieve this, it's essential to take staff into account, as they are the main channel of communication with customers and the visible face of the brand that make the in-store experience personal and unique. Therefore, when Rituals are communicating these values to all employees, they are ensuring the best possible experience for their customers.

Employees are the magic touch for delivering exceptional experience 

Despite being a relatively young company, Rituals competes with large companies in the sector of delivering unique, luxury experiences. The brand has established itself as an example of a distinctly strategic brand, offering luxury and quality at affordable prices, along with outstanding attention to both customers and employees. As explained in the Rituals case study: " Understanding our core values of the brand helps us put them into practice and create appropriate behavior".

"With Rituals, you will give more than a gift. You will offer the experience of finding happiness in the smallest things"


But there is still more...

Offering a memorable experience to each client goes beyond the fact that employees simply represent the values of the company. Even with the best values in the world, an employee can fail to help a guest if they are not fully informed about the product range. Therefore, it's essential to be fully aware of important company news or updates within the team.

Sharing practical information, quickly and effectively, is a basic need for a global organization like Rituals, across their thousands of employees.

"We believe that only in this way, value moments for our clients are created"
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