How Retail Leaders Are Changing the Rules of Internal Comms: Webinar Highlights

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Since the beginning of the crisis, most companies had to redefine how they were doing business to stay within the competition. Retail leaders SUITSUPPLY and Decathlon are a brilliant example of how a challenge can be the starting point that drives a change forward.

Speakap partnered with mobile microlearning platform MobieTrain on a webinar about 'The impact of COVID-19 on the Retail Sector and lessons learned'

Discussed subjects:

  1. The new normal in Retail 
  2. Proven strategies to engage employees now and in the future
  3. The success stories of SUITSUPPLY and Decathlon

Guest speakers:

  • Susanne Bavinck-Bender, Communications Manager at SuitSupply
  • Bruno Pinto Coelho, Training Leader at Decathlon
  • Lennart Gijssen, CRO at Speakap
  • Guy Van Neck, Founder & CEO at MobieTrain

Some of the webinar highlights:

How Retail Leaders Cracked the Challenges of COVID-19 and Sent Performance Through the Roof

6 tips to power your retail business through any challenge

  1. Online is the new offline, and personal touches can make all the difference in the world. Get creative and train employees for amazing online store experiences!
  2. "Today's prep determines tomorrow's success," someone somewhere once said. Prep your stores for the new normal: shopping screens, hygiene measures, and one-on-one appointments.
  3. Have one central, easy-to-access digital home for all employees - frontline, storage, and HQ - to come together and share information.
  4. Make sure employees know you're together in this: discuss with your CEO how he, she, or they can be more present, for example, by posting regularly on whichever internal comms tool you use.
  5. Don't forget about team spirit: create fun digital events and group chats for employees to catch up, crack jokes, and share information.
  6. Share the right content in the right format at the right time.

For more information on this topic, watch the webinar recording below or download the full highlights infographic here.


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