How Do Others Use Events on Speakap?

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We thought you might be curious about how others use Speakap features, so we had a chat with one of our customers.

Arjan van der Wel, Training Coordinator at Bever, shares some insights about how his company uses Events on Bever Connect their Speakap employee app. Here are some of his tips and tricks that could work for your company too.


Q: Why do you think that your company uses the Events feature on Speakap so much?
A: The Events functionality was a real godsend for us. Because only part of the organization has a Bever email address, the Events functionality proved to be the best way for us to reach the entire organization and easily keep track of who joined. 

Tip: Set an Event reminder for yourself, and never miss another event. Read about it here.

Q: How do you use Events at Bever?
A: Because of Covid19, we started using events more often, for example, to train our store staff. Training sessions are essential for us and by using Events within Speakap we were able to keep these sessions going, even remotely. We also use it for events that are for fun. Twice we organized a quiz for the whole company. It was great fun to keep connected that way.

Tip: Link events to your own calendar so that you don't set conflicting meetings. Click here for more information.

Q: Why do you think Events at Bever are a success?
A: For us, it's a way to reach an entire region or the entire company at once. Additionally, different people on the platform are allowed to create an Event. For example, a manager can schedule an anniversary event or the head office can schedule a webinar on an interesting topic. Even for small outings such as having a beer together, an event is now created, which is very nice because for the employee it’s all in one place: the Bever Connect app.

Tip: Post recordings in the comments section of the event so that those who couldn't join stay in the loop. 

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