Speakap Receives Strong Placement In G2 Crowd Winter 2019 Report

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Can you believe that January 2019 is nearly over?

We’re already in the full swing of winter, which means a few things. Heating bills are higher, sidewalks are now a danger zone and G2 Crowd has released their Winter 2019 Report. And you can imagine how excited our team was to learn that we received recognition as a ‘High Performer’ in the latest release, considering we were up against tech behemoths the likes of Google and Adobe.

I chatted with our co-founder, Erwin van der Vlist, to find out why this recognition is so valuable to our business, the biggest problem that our solution solves for our customers and what’s in store for Speakap in 2019. 

Speakap recently received a strong placement on the G2 Crowd Winter 2019 report. And while that sounds awesome, what does that actually mean? Can you tell me a little bit about it?

It’s confirmation from our clients that they see strong value in our solution and have implemented it successfully within their business. Before starting with Speakap, most of our clients experienced difficulties communicating directly with their frontline/non-desk workforce with ease.

Blog Image 1 - G2C strong placement 2With the help of our solution, our clients have created a recognizable and intuitive platform to build a community and improve employee satisfaction, productivity, lower employee attrition and increase average sales. It's great to see our clients agree with our approach and vision by expressing themselves as ambassadors on G2 Crowd.

One review even claimed that Speakap is a “total game changer for your organization,” which is a pretty impressive statement. Given your market experience and the feedback you hear from customers, what exactly makes Speakap a “game changer”?

Compared to other social platforms, Speakap starts with adapting to the organizational structure of the company we implement our solution for. Essentially, we automatically add people in their location, department and relevant groups based on provided information in an HR system or Active Directory. When employees change positions or leave the company, it will immediately be reflected in Speakap. This allows Head Office teams (HR, Marketing, IT, Internal Comms, C-Suite) to maintain control and ensure they target the right audiences, creating a relevant content experience - instead of overloading them with irrelevant information, updates and messages. This is especially important when you have thousands, or tens of thousands, of employees. It’s critical for strong adoption and success.

On top of this, we offer companies the option to completely brand the platform and native apps (name, icon and backgrounds) and introduce it as your own communications platform. The white label solution empowers the company and all it’s employees to truly live the brand.

Thanks for explaining. Now, partnering with a site like G2 Crowd seems kind of risky given that all reviews, whether they’re good or bad, are published. Wouldn’t this be concerning for a business owner?

In the beginning, it did make me nervous. But ultimately, I felt confident that our platform truly solves challenges and drives real value for our clients. It provides transparency and that happens to be one of our core values. When the first reviews came in and they were all positive, it was a relief and further confirmation that we're on the right track with our product vision.


It’s always reassuring to know when the founders of a company truly believe in their product. Do you have any exciting news to share on what’s coming in 2019 for Speakap? 

In 2018, we have scaled up our company dramatically. We've grown from 28 people to now over 80 staff worldwide, with the majority of the team focused on the technology side of our business. In 2019, we will start seeing the effects of having 400% more technical power and we expect to speed up the delivery of highly requested product features, as well as continuing to provide the highest quality and security on our platform.

These new features include our recently launched Do Not Disturb function, alongside new features that are in the product roadmap like bots, advanced profiles, advanced real-time analytics, interactive polls and many integrations with major software vendors in the areas of e-learning, work schedules, HRIS, sales performance, survey & feedback, productivity, document management and telecommunications.

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