Why Push Notifications Are One of the Best Employee Engagement Ideas

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'Employees do not open 40% of the emails they receive' is one of the conclusions from Hiver's first annual report titled “State of Email”. Thus, using emails to convey important information to your employees is obviously not the most effective way to communicate.

Employees do not always have access to emails, especially non-desk ones and in some cases, they are not that tech-savvy either. They need an easy way to get notified and receive relevant news at the right time.

In this article, we will discuss how push notifications on your employees’ mobile phones can improve your internal communication and provide a variety of possibilities to engage with your entire workforce.

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The memo of the 21st century

In 2009, Apple first introduced push notifications. Since then, acceptance has steadily increased. People who considered messages popping up on their mobile phone a nuisance, in the beginning, have now come to appreciate them. Similarly, we do not mind being alerted by social apps of friends that are nearby or notified by our favourite boutique about a current sale. In working environments, push notifications are the modern answer to the 'traditional' memo. They serve the same purpose, only quicker and more efficient. And, all you need is an employee communication app.

Why should you use push notifications?

Push notifications are the easiest and quickest way to send messages that always reach their destinations and do not get lost in overflowing inboxes. Your employees are used to push notifications on their social media apps, and they already play a central role in their lives. They are quick, manageable and use the device with the highest response rate: the mobile phone.

Push notifications are perfectly suited for:

Schedule reminders

You can fit your updates into your employee’s work schedule. Using push notifications, for instance, you can send reminders to employees about urgent projects and deadlines.

Company news and announcements

Employee apps are often used as news channels. With push notifications, you can target individuals or teams and draw attention to news that is important for them.

Building up company culture and engagement

Push notifications boost employee app engagement. These apps contain various team and culture-building features which are more effective if you send out push notifications regularly.

How to use push notifications: the do’s and don’ts

The best tools are useless if you do not handle them in the right way. Push notifications have impressive benefits, but you should understand that not every piece of company information is worth interrupting your employees in their daily life.

If you send too many notifications, send them at the wrong time, do not customize your messages or provide value, your employees may quickly decide to turn push notifications off. So, consider the following rules.

Create value and relevance

If the information is not valuable or relevant for an employee, they will simply ignore it. And if this happens too often, your app will have a hard time being effective.


An employee communication app offers the possibility to reach individuals and teams with information that is customized to their needs and interests. That, of course, is critical for push notifications. Show your employees that you understand what they need from you, and push them only to take notice of the information that they might find interesting.

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Align with your company culture

Push notifications should reflect the values of your company and your relationship with your employees. The tone of voice is just as important as the content of your notifications.

Embed links

Embed links in your push notifications that take the receiver deeper into the app. Employees who do not use the features of your communication app will be more inclined to access them.


Track the opening rates of your push notifications. That will tell you which notifications are more interesting and engaging, and provide insights to fine-tune future messages.


Push notifications are a terrific way to increase the effectiveness of an employee communication app. In fact, you can not do without them. When used correctly, push notifications can help you connect with your employees in meaningful ways, create value for them and ultimately boost employee experience and engagement.

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Rob is a content writer, copywriter and novelist. His work for Apple, WWF, Mercedes-Benz and many other brands has been awarded with prestigious creative awards.

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