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Why You Shouldn't Forget Cultural Change During a Digital Transformation In Your Company

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Last month Speakap attended ‘The Growth Day’ on Internal Communication in Madrid. The event highlighted how directors from internal communications, HR, and company culture promote innovative initiatives in their respective companies in order to achieve an organizational change towards the digital transformation of internal communication. 

The following article summarizes the highlights of the event, including quotes and ideas on achieving digital transformation success along with cultural change, as well as the crucial role that internal communication holds in this transformation.

Amongst the speakers, there were leaders in communication, Directors, HR and Cultural Change Managers from leading companies such as the Santander, Bankia, CITI Spain, Ikea, Telefónica and Rituals, who presented their case study with Speakap.

Digital transformation without cultural shift is not possible

You would be wrong to believe that the transition to a digital workplace merely involves replacing old processes with new tools - but you wouldn't be the first. The main problem lies in mistaking this process for an exchange of tools instead of a cultural transformation, affecting workflows, company identity and the organizational structure as well as the company-employee relationship.

In our hyper-connected and highly competitive world, mobility plays a fundamental role in businesses. The democratization of mobile devices with internet connection has empowered employees more than ever before, and this implies an organizational shifts towards trust and responsibility of each employee.

"The companies that survive are those that best adapt to change" @albertobaltanas - Head of Internal Communications at @bancosantander

Nowadays, collaboration is a reality and collaborative tools at work are the means to stay productive. Digital transformation must be a key element in the company's strategy and involve your employees, by listening to them, inspiring them and aligning them with your long-term goals. The response of the most innovative companies is to evolve to an Employee Centric culture, this way involving employees in the joint history that your company wants to tell and live.

"Stories are the most important thing and how they are told is what makes the difference" @albertobaltanas @bancosantander

In the process of developing a history and corporate identity, Internal Communications play a key role, both creating an environment of trust in which concerns and challenges can be expressed, as well as making the employees participate in the storytelling of the organization so it feels like their own. In addition, the development of technology makes it possible to expand the role of brand ambassador workers, which previously had a much more local effect.

“If you want your employees to do something and do it well, you need them "to like it" @Singsfar Director de Comunicación Interna en @Bankia

Case study: RITUALS with SPEAKAP

The HR Director of Rituals Ibérica,  Joan Carles Cifre, also shared his experience with the implementation of Speakap as their internal communication platform and how positively contributed to sharing data, results and events between stores, which increased employees’ engagement. 

Under the title "How to adapt internal communication to new digital trends: the role of Enterprise Social Networks" Joan Carles presented examples of successful internal communication projects such as "El Mundialito”, a project that coincided with the World Cup and that helped them boost sales. This project closed with a high participation of employees, engagement between stores and a sales increase of 13%.

Research Study - Culture Factor: Improving Employee Loyalty & Relationships

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