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[VIDEO] How Hudson's Bay Achieves Customer & Employee Experience Success

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Be real, be curious, be courageous, go further

This might sound like the start to a trailer for the latest action movie, but in fact these are the business values of the international department store chain, Hudson's Bay. By communicating these values - especially to all employees - Hudson's Bay ensures the best possible customer experience.

Service that can stand the test of time

The department store brand may be centuries old (Hudson's Bay actually dates back to 1670) but it is also an entirely modern enterprise and knows that, in 2018, retail is about offering a total customer experience. At Hudson's Bay, they don't see making a purchase as just a simple transaction; the purpose of the department store is to provide a lasting memory for every guest that Hudson's Bay calls a customer.


Employees are the main ingredient

The in-store employees are the main channels through which Hudson's Bay can make a simple store visit into a memorable one. For example, by arranging a taxi home for a disabled person or quickly contacting other branches and suppliers to find the one item that a guest has their heart set on.

Watch the video below to learn more how the Hudson's Bay values translate into a top-level customer experience.


But there's more...

Delivering a memorable experience for every guest goes beyond employees simply respecting company values, of course. Even with the best values in the world, an employee can't help a guest if they're not fully up-to-date on product information. Or if they're not completely aware of important company news, promotions, or updates from their team.

New call-to-action

Practical, fast and effective sharing of information is therefore non-negotiable at a chain like Hudson's Bay, which has hundreds of employees per branch. Speakap delivers a 28% increase in new product awareness. That's why Hudson's Bay uses Speakap to keep sales assistants updated on all the latest ranges and offers.


Watch the video to see how employees communicate with each other.

...take a look for yourself! 🎥


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