Crisis Communications Essentials: Webinar Highlights

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On Monday, March 30th, in partnership with global communications leader, Edelman, we hosted a one-hour webinar titled “How to connect with employees during the COVID-19 crisis: a breakdown of the Crisis Communications Essentials”

With attendees from around the globe, we shared top tips for keeping your frontline employees connected during the Coronavirus, including:

  • The unique challenges businesses face
  • Which strategies work best to ensure your message is received by every employee
  • How to craft a well-worded message, who should deliver it and why this matters now more than ever


Here’s a list of some of the questions answered during the webinar:

  • Would you advise we respond to negative messages/questions from employees? 
  • How often should we provide employees with updates? 
  • How can you show appreciation to your employees for their efforts during this crisis?
  • Should companies apply new processes like a new intranet when all employees are put on temporary unemployment? 
  • How do you communicate with your colleagues, now that you don’t see each other anymore? 
  • How can we as communications consultants offer our colleagues advice and support? 
  • How are employers responding when they have a Coronavirus case in their facility?  
  • Can you provide suggestions on how to seek input from employees?
  • How do we avoid sounding repetitive in our communications during the crisis?
  • How do you motivate a CEO to take on communication tasks, when they don’t deem the task important?

Rita is a Product and Marketing Copywriter at Speakap. She has a proven track record of success driving results for SaaS companies and continually enriches our content channels with her wide range of expertise.

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