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3 ways to create a unique customer experience

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Creating a unique customer experience starts with your internal communication. After all, employees are the ones who make or break a customer experience. Use the following 3 ways to optimize the internal communication in your organisation resulting in a customer experience that makes you happy.

The importance of a unique customer experience

Being both a professional and a consumer, you probably realize how probable it is that you share outstanding customer experiences with others. It's always fun to share those experiences during lunch, with family and friends or during a party. That makes it of the utmost importance to make sure that the outstanding experience customers get at your organisation are positive ones. People are tempted to share a negative experience more often than a positive experience. Research from Zendesk shows that 95% of people share a negative experience in contrast to 87% of people who had a positive experience.

Coolblue and the ultimate customer experience

An organisation which focusses on the customer experience entirely is Coolblue. Their proposition is 'Alles voor een glimlach' (everything for a smile). All communication and processes are focused at giving customers a positive feeling, whether it's delivery people who give you a phone call 15 minutes in advance to their delivery and take packaging material with them afterwards, or one of the stores where you can talk to Coolblue staff personally to gather advice on making the best purchase decision. All of these experiences start off with employees that feel happy with their job and are willing to make effort in offering customers that ultimate customer experience. 


Internal communication as a foundation to deliver the ultimate customer experience

To offer customers a unique customer experience, be sure to focus on excellent internal communication. Optimize your internal communication in the following 3 ways: 

1. Make sure employees know what you stand for as an organisation

Improve your customer experience by informing both current and new colleagues explicitly of the values you stand for as an organisation. This gives employees the possibility to become aware of it and actively express it to customers. How do you want employees to behave towards customers? What is the tone-of-voice employees should use? This implicit information comes to justice well when you make it explicit. After all, employees are the business card of your organisation. 

In the above mentioned example of Coolblue the organisation communicates on a landing page how they want to put a smile on their customers faces. This way it becomes clear what Coolblue promises to both customers and employees. Specifically for employees it clarifies what is expected of them. 

Idea: create a document in which you note down what your organisation stands for and how you want employees to communicate in their language, attitude and behavior. Of course you can share the content with your emloyees personally, but at the same time it comes in handy to share this as a document on an internal social network so employees can read it afterwards.


2. Give your employees a voice

Especially in large organisations which are structured very hierarchical, it's easy to lose sight of what's on the mind of employees. And that, when it's so important to know what is going on in your organisation when processes don't run smoothly or if there are matters employees are disturbed by. Create the opportunity for employees to express their opinion and experience with the management. And take non-desk employees into account specifically, for whom it's often hard to make themselves heard from the frontline. By connecting these employees to each other and management through an internal social platform such as Speakap, you can bridge the gap between management and employees. By gaining input from the organisation bottom-up, you might find your sharpest insights: insights from the frontline.


3. Be the first to inform employees on developments

Unclarity on processes and developments creates chaos amongst employees and distracts employees from offering a positive experience to customers. It's important to share what is happening inside your company, such as new offers, the departure of an employee, an upcoming merge or winning an award. Communicate this information quickly to employees so they know what's going on and are able to use this information in optimizing the customer experience. 


Good internal communication as a foundation for every organisation

Colleagues who are happy with their job, are at the foundation of your organisation's success. Therefore make sure your internal communication is running smoothly so employees can concentrate customer welfare instead of concerning themselves with their own activities and the organisation.

Are you interested to know how Speakap can help your organisation to enforce your internal communication? Our experts would be happy to think along with you! Contact them via info@speakap.com or +31 20 820 4296.

Deepen your knowledge on customer experience

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