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Employee Engagement Is About More Than Mere Communications

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Successful businesses provide two-way communications and give employees a voice. They go beyond mere communications. Also, they listen to their customers and employees and constantly try to improve their experiences. So, an effective feedback loop is essential. Starred is a professional feedback tool for businesses to collect, analyze and act on feedback - whether it’s feedback from their employees or customers.

Recently, the integration of Starred with Speakap has gone live. This means that Speakap users can now find the feedback software in the Speakap environment that they are familiar with. I spoke to Starred’s CEO Lars van Wieren, to discuss the importance of feedback, how technology helps and the added value of this integration.

Why is it important for businesses to continuously collect feedback?

Employees and customers don’t ‘experience’ working with you once a year - so why on earth do many companies still only run a yearly survey? Experience is continuous and the data-driven age of business growth means everything else is measured and optimized constantly. Feedback needs to be the same - how will you know what to improve if you haven’t measured where you stand to begin with?

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How does this help to improve employee & candidate experience?

Simply put: your hiring and HR processes improve with continuous feedback rolling in about experiences at key touchpoints in this cycle. Measuring things like time-to-hire or employee retention will show you ‘what’ - unlocking drivers of experience through feedback shows you the ‘why’. Measure, learn, optimize - rinse and repeat.

How does collecting feedback influence employee turnover?

In a fundamental way - collecting regular feedback throughout the year gives your HR process a boost in terms of knowledge of where you stand with your people. Anonymized or not - employee feedback gives you early warning signs. Doing this continuously allows you to benchmark against yourself - say, where you were a year ago and what your employee retention looks looked like VS what you’ve tweaked based on feedback, and your employee retention now. Just asking for feedback isn’t ‘engagement’ in itself - a transparent commitment to increasing employee satisfaction demands that your engagement with your people is a two-way street.


Does the importance of collecting feedback alter as millennials and gen Z soon make up the majority of the global workforce?

People expect more participation and meaningful dialogue - which doesn’t need to be at odds with digital methods of collecting feedback. Anticipate adjusting the way you go about engaging and collecting feedback to alter according to new expectations. Going bite-sized and respondent-experience driven in your approach is the right way of doing this. Take lessons from customer-facing email marketing and how this profession constantly tests and optimizes how best to reach people and drive engagement. To get high response rates and analyze your employee feedback with confidence you’ve got to test what works with your invitations, surveys and follow-ups. One quick tip -- mobile optimize your feedback respondent experience constantly.

What is the value of the Starred integration with Speakap, an internal engagement platform?

It’s about a feedback solution working where your people work. As a central hub through which internal communication runs, Speakap is the perfect place for Starred’s respondent-friendly surveys to live. This direct line of feedback to where your people are already engaged reduces friction and barriers-to-respond.

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