We are Speakap

We're leaving the old work methods behind in search of a world without chaos.

About Speakap

Hundreds of organizations use our proven technology to improve the internal communication and processes within their companies. From small businesses to major corporations: collaboration is happening everywhere and Speakap is happy to support you with it.

Share information, schedules and agendas or find the expertise you seek. It's all possible with Speakap. We would be happy to help you improve all levels and areas within your organization. Want to learn more about what we do? We'd love to tell you!

Meeting a need

In 2009, Speakap founders Erwin van der Vlist and Patrick van der Mijl worked in the retail sector, where they quickly noticed inefficient and ineffective communication. With the rise of smartphones and mobile internet, things had to change. The men believed in a new, better form of communication.

The next step

To better serve our users, we relocated to the Amsterdam Designstrip in 2013. Here, our impressive team constantly strives to create an even better application that takes into account usability, scalability and security.

The new communication method used within organizations calls for an integrated user experience. We want to make it easier to work and communicate internally, for all layers of the organization: from headquarters to local branch and from manager to sales representative.

Times may change, but our motto remains the same: Always challenge the old ways. We will continue to do this based on a belief that things can always be better. Hence, Speakap.

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The Netherlands

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