Security & Hosting

Your company information is too important to leave lying around. Speakap therefore features the latest security technologies to ensure safe and secure data storage - now and in the future.


Your data is stored in modern and carbon-neutral data centres in the Netherlands. These highly-secure data centres have strict access and storage policies to ensure that no one can access your important data.

Data encryption

All files, videos, documents and passwords are sent over secure, TLS 1.2 encrypted connections with a minimum key length of 2048 bits.

ISO Certificates

Our data centres maintain the highest possible standards and meet the ISO 27001:2013 certification requirements for information security management and ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems.

European privacy legislation (GDPR)

With the ever-increasing digitisation of our world resulting in an avalanche of storable data, protecting information has become even more important than it ever was before. Read about the measures that Speakap has taken to ensure safety and privacy.

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Service Level Agreement

  • 99.8% up-time guaranteed (scheduled and communicated maintenance periods excluded)
  • Access to frequently asked questions
  • Email support for technical and functional questions
  • Phone support for technical and functional questions during business hours (Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
  • All questions will be answered on 'best effort' base, within 2 working days
  • Support hours with customer: dependant on contract value 



Integrating third party applications

Speakap can be fully integrated with existing software within your organisation. Log in on Speakap for instant access to your data and associated software. This will save time and give you the best Speakap experience.

More about integrations

Upcoming features

Speakap is already complete, but there are still some improvements and features to add. Interested in what’s coming up? Check out our roadmap to see what great features will be delivered in the near future.

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