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The branded communication platform your frontline employees love to use

Social intranet. Enterprise Social Network. Enterprise Social Platform. Whatever you want to call it, every company faces the challenge of communicating with their employees quickly and effectively, securely and privately. Speakap helps you to solve that problem.

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Clear timeline


Document management


News items




Private messages


Personal profiles




Making communication relevant for everyone

However your company is structured, Speakap is designed to match the matrix of your organisation. Employees are naturally arranged into their suited groups, meaning more relevant conversations and fewer “can whoever parked next to the fire exit please move their car” spam messages clogging up inboxes.

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Replace any non-compliant non-business communication tools

With a look, feel and functionality that is familiar to today’s users of social media and messaging apps, Speakap provides a workplace alternative that, unlike those third party apps, is compliant with all privacy and security protocols (including European GDPR). We also take care of all data storage and development updates, meaning no extra burden on your IT department.

Why replace these tools?

Tailor made to fit your brand

Our white label service means your employees will use our platform without them ever detecting any hint of Speakap itself. We help you personalise the name, look and feel. We then create native apps that are customised to your brand. The app will look like you built and developed it yourself. Additionally, these apps and social platforms will be made available on the iOS and Android app stores with your own chosen brand name and description.

Swipe through the features

Branded web application

By customising the theme to fit your brand colours, Speakap takes on the look and feel of your business


White label Android application

Your employees can download your branded app directly from the Google Play store


White label iOS application

Your employees will be able to download your iOS application on to their iPhones themselves


Integrating third party apps

Speakap can be fully integrated with any existing software used within your organisation, such as scheduling or sales figures tooling. Log in on Speakap for instant access to your data and associated software. This will save time and confusion, giving your workforce the best one-stop employee experience.

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Upcoming features

Speakap is already complete but we never stop improving and there are still some enhancements and features to add. Interested in what’s coming up? Check out our roadmap to see which great features will be delivered in the near future.

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