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Happy and informed employees create cheerful and loyal customers

Happy and informed employees who feel valued by their employer receive, on average, 10% better customer ratings than employees who aren’t engaged. Which is exactly why InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Apollo Hotels, Courtyard Marriott and Moxy Hotels, as well as restaurant groups like McDonald's all use Speakap to reach their whole workforce.


Increase in communication between management and frontline employees


Higher consumption of company news and updates


More information & best practices shared between colleagues

Upgrade the experience of all your guests

A unique, personal and thoughtful customer experience is what sets great hotels, bars and restaurants apart. By connecting front of house staff, chefs, housekeepers, managers and head office, all employees can be provided with the news, training, knowledge and feedback they need to feel engaged and empowered in real time.


Speakap helps hospitality organisations delight employees and customers alike

Guests want to feel comfortable, safe and welcomed. They expect their requests to be addressed quickly. Meanwhile, hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars have numerous needs too: they must keep accurate track of rooms, supplies, facilities and their guests’ needs. Ensuring secure, instant and discreet communications throughout your properties can turn your guests into lifelong advocates by delighting them the moment they reach your door, and making sure employees feel supported, empowered and noticed for their work and dedication. Speakap is the perfect tool for this.

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