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The Employee App that makes work easy

Collaborate. Communicate. Integrate.

Connect all your teams in one app

A one-stop-shop providing your employees with the necessary tools to work together efficiently

Invite your employees to collaborate using groups, group messaging and secure document management. Reach everybody - no work email needed to join the platform. Make it easy for them to find the right people with personal profiles and an app structure that mirrors your organization.


80% adoption within first month


90% of all logins are via mobile devices


21% increase in the spread of company news


10% increase in communication of processes

Put your employees at the heart of the conversation

Good internal communication is the key to success



Boost engagement by enabling two-way communication and leveraging feedback you receive from your employees. Motivate your staff in updates on the timeline, group chats, polls and much more...



Reach all employees with news-updates, create groups for knowledge sharing and use Speakap as a secure platform for important documents.


Provide relevant content in a way that your employees are familiar and comfortable with. When communication becomes intuitive, everyone can focus on the tasks at hand.

See Speakap in action

Schedule a live demonstration with one of our consultants at your convenience.

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Speakap’s open API for easy integration

Build your own customizable app integrating programs you already rely on.

Streamline internal processes by adding all the features and software your employees want and need. Use the whitelabel version to give your employee app the look and feel of your company and create a platform your employees love to use!


One app to rule them all

Collaboration is easy when everyone uses the same app

Sign up for a free demo with one of our experts today and find out how Speakap can really add value to your employee experience and your company.


Support and languages

We are with you from day one

  • CSM and Support will guide you through the implementation process of Speakap
  • Web Support is included in all pricing packages
  • CSM services included in premium and enterprise packages
  • Live phone support Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. CET (Europe) and Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET (USA) (excluding major holidays)
  • Support languages spoken are English and Dutch

See Speakap in action

Schedule a live demonstration with one of our consultants at your convenience.